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Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

Best Tihar and Deusi Bhailo songs.

Best Tihar and Deusi Bhailo songs. - everyday gadgets are new, with ever-evolving technology always generating the latest gadgets more sophisticated than the ones before ... on blogs Your Techno News we will discuss the endless technological developments as well as review the latest gadgets, now we discuss first Best Tihar and Deusi Bhailo songs. we have read many articles and we summarize for you here, please read.

Articles : Best Tihar and Deusi Bhailo songs.
full Link : Best Tihar and Deusi Bhailo songs.
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Best Tihar and Deusi Bhailo songs.

Tihar (a.k.a. Dipawali) is the most joyous festival of Nepal, and there may be very few people who disagree with me. The lights, the fireworks, the flowers, the "sel roti", the singing & dancing, the puja, playing cards and "Bhai Tika" definitely put you in a good mood with your family. It is also the second biggest festival of Nepal after Dashain. Though there are also some communities who do not celebrate Tihar, they also get along with the celebration mood without doing the "pujas" and all. Famously known as "Diwali" ( US name to Deepawali/Tihar), it is also being celebrated in the whole world with the amazing fireworks. Newar communities also do the Mha-puja on the day of Gobardhan puja, with worship of their inner self. New Nepal Sambhat (nhu daya bhimtuna) also falls on the same day for Newar communities, that started from October 20, 879 ad. Previously Tihar used to be five days national holidays: Kaag Tihar, Kukur Tihar, Laxmi Puja, Gobardhan Puja and Bhai Tika but after the nation transformed into secularism (from Hindu nation), Government had started giving only three days. The holidays are cut short, but not the peoples desire to groove on, so the grand celebration has not abated in any way. I have collected some of the Tihar songs (with Deusi Bhailo) including the ones from movies, folk songs and even the satire one. Here are the Tihar songs.
The most popular one is the "Tiharai ayo lau Jhilimili" from the movie "Swarga" starring Gauri Malla and Shiva Shrestha.

Latest Tihar song 2014 (Jhilimili raatma) by Axata featuring Nima Rumba.