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Jumat, 26 Desember 2014

GT Racing 2 v1.5.0 MOD (unlimited money)

GT Racing 2 v1.5.0 MOD (unlimited money) - everyday gadgets are new, with ever-evolving technology always generating the latest gadgets more sophisticated than the ones before ... on blogs Your Techno News we will discuss the endless technological developments as well as review the latest gadgets, now we discuss first GT Racing 2 v1.5.0 MOD (unlimited money) we have read many articles and we summarize for you here, please read.

Articles : GT Racing 2 v1.5.0 MOD (unlimited money)
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GT Racing 2 v1.5.0 MOD (unlimited money)

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience is a true-to-life automotive journey featuring the most prestigious cars in the world!
The best-selling franchise is back for free and it's designed to offer an unprecedented level of driving enjoyment, whether playing solo or multiplayer.

• The richest handheld racing simulation game this year: 71 licensed cars on 13 tracks, including the real Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.
• A superb collection of real cars from over 30 manufacturers: Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan, Audi, Ford, and more.
• Test your driving skills by completing 1,400 events, including Classic Races, Duels, Knockouts and Overtakes.
• 28 new challenges each week: improve your driving skills & maybe win a new car for free!

• The new physics model offers the most realistic car dynamics ever offered in a handheld game.
• The sun is not always shining in GT Racing 2: Our tracks have different times of day and weather conditions.
• Race your way by choosing from among 4 different cameras, including a breathtaking interior view, and feast your eyes on real car designs!
• No repair times or repair costs! We won't make you wait or pay to race in an event again.

• Compete with your friends or with real players from all over the world. Earn the fastest time on each race in multiplayer!
• Join teams to play with other drivers and accomplish common goals.
• New racer? Turn on Steering & Braking Assistance to get up to speed in a flash!
• Veteran driver? Tweak your performance in the garage with tons of custom options!

No other games could offer you better realistic racing simulation than GTR2. Download it for free and enjoy the most authentic racing game on the market!

For fans of racing games, racing simulation games, rally games, and everything related to cars! This game is free to play.

What’s New: v 1.5.0
▶ Join the fun with the new TEAM CLASH TOURNAMENT for a limited time!
∙ Grab your teammates and COMPETE WITH EIGHT RIVAL TEAMS for cool REWARDS!
∙ Beat your opponent’s best car and time
∙ Team Clash races cost Fuel
▶ COMPLETE YOUR COLLECTION with these speedsters:
∙ Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
∙ Ferrari 458 Italia
∙ BMW M2
∙ Nissan 370Z
∙ Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR AMG
∙ Maserati 300 S
▶ Earn the special SAVAGE RIVALE GTS Christmas Decal

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 1.5.0

Download links below

Download from play store


Download from hugefiles

 Download from Hindi share

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 Download torrent

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