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Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2015

Top 8 Best Root Apps 2015

Top 8 Best Root Apps 2015 - everyday gadgets are new, with ever-evolving technology always generating the latest gadgets more sophisticated than the ones before ... on blogs Your Techno News we will discuss the endless technological developments as well as review the latest gadgets, now we discuss first Top 8 Best Root Apps 2015 we have read many articles and we summarize for you here, please read.

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Top 8 Best Root Apps 2015

Here is Top 8 Best Root Apps 2015:Rooted phone has many advantage beacuse rooting is rooting but how can you take over the good control of rooting in android phone. Solution is best rooted apps for android, so today i talking about some best root apps. If you want to root your android phone, check our previous post: How to Root Any Android.

Best Root Apps 2015 for Android

If you are searching for the best root apps 2015 for your phone then you have come to the right place .Find the best android root apps 2015 for your android smartphone below:

1) Greenify

Greenify is the first app in my list as it is very simple and very effective in increasing the battery life of your android. It is a very simple app and its basic function is to hibernate your background apps.You also have the option to hibernate your applications and let the remaining apps like facebook and whatsapp to run as usual.These background applications drain your precious battery even when they are not in use! Hence this app is very popular among several android users.Give it a try.

2) Rom manager (ClockWorkMod)

Rom manager is one great app for all you enthusiasts who want to flash new ROMs and taste new versions of android in your android smartphones. This app gives you a list of all the famous ROMs available for your android phone.You can also download them through this application and this also saves you a lot of time searching for it on the internet.The premium version of this app is worth a try.

3) Titanium Backup Root

Titanium backup is the app for those of you who do a much of flashing in your android phone. This is the best application to backup your data and rom. It provides multiple options to backup like backing up specific data and specific application. Not only that, you can also freeze your apps and convert them into user apps and much more.This is a great app and i suggest you to try it out.

4) Trickster Mod

Trickster mod is an awesome app.Truly,there are many apps out there which can do the same tasks that this does but the support and the great interface of this app beats them all.With this app you can overclock your phone to make it fly like a butterfly,undervolt it to increase your battery life.. n a lot more.All in all this app is a must in your rooted smartphone.

5) Smart Booster

Ever feel that your phone is sluggish when playing games or your phone restarts during heavy usage?? then this is the perfect application for you. RAM Booster digs into your phone’s RAM and clears out unwanted usage by backgroung apps and provides some more RAM for the apps that you are using.This app is a must for those who need more snappiness in your phones.

6) Root Firewall Pro

have you been low on your data bandwidth??This app can help you out.With this app you can block apps from using internet while you can selectively enable it for the apps that you are using.It even has the options to separate 2g,3g,4g and wifi networks enable for selected apps.It also has features like ad blocking and much more.

7) Link2SD (My Favourite)

Link2SD, so many people especially Android device users have thanked to this apps. What is Link2SD used for? This app is very very useful for the Android devices that supported with a small internal storage capacity. Link2SD can be used for moving the data of the applications we’ve been installed to the 2nd partition of the SD card.

8) Solid Explorer (My Favourite)

This is the best file manager out there.The basic idea of this explorer is just awesome.This app provides you two panels when positioned in the landscape view.You can simply copy-paste any file or move any file from one panel to the other without the fuzz of remembering the path of the locations separately.It also has additional features like FTP connection,etc… This is a must have app for all the android users.
NOTE You also need to install solid explorer unlocker to use the complete features. If you are searching for the best root apps 2015 for your phone then you have come to the right place .Find the best android root apps 2015 for your android smartphone above.
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